Monday, June 7, 2010

Triple S Invitational

The 2010 SSS Invitational kicked off a couple days ago. We've had some sick conditions so far. Joby and Ruben arrived with the new 2011 Darksides for us to test out. The board is just what I need to bust massive load and pop tricks in boots and turn around and hit a slider. Not to mention the wicked graphics. The sessions started with an afternoon park session in front of Real. I was on my 13m Fuel with the 5th line set up so I could ditch it without getting pulled into the rail. The course was four hits: coming in starboard it started with the LF Wall ride rolling into the SSS up flat box, tack and hit the Real Dock followed by the John Wayne up flat down box. Everyone was throwin down and the show went on till the sun was down. But the day wasn't over yet, the opening party had begun while we were on the water, live music and lots of beers. We got up on stage for the rider introduction and signed a few autographs before moving on to the after party at the riders houses that Real provided.

Yesterday was day two and dam what a day. It was nuking around 30 mph. We got to recover a little bit in the morning before starting a down winder through the Planet of the Apes. I was dum and took out my 9m so I was lit up. We stopped at the slick for a while to shoot and make use of the butter flat water. I hit a few tricks but mostly just looped into orbit. Later that evening was another park session at the Real Slick only just with the John Wayne. I wised up and took my 7m Fuel on the Len10 Pro Bar. Elkus had the flashes out so the session lasted until we couldn't see. After that we were all dead so everyone called it a night early.

Today the wind has blown itself out and switched directions. Should be a chill day, we'll be getting out behind the jet ski later this afternoon.

Check out the wildcard video that won me my spot in the event:

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