Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Water & Snow: Two Sides of the Same Coin

This last month has been pretty lax. I've been at home in Tahoe visiting family and friends before the 2011 season kicks in. We got a lot of snow before Christmas and the temperature has stayed pretty cold so it's not too hard yet.
Tried to get some snow kite sessions in but the wind here is tough to track down. I pumped up a few times but by the time I could make one reach the wind would shift and I'd have to walk back. That and you need a ton of power to ride upwind in waist deep powder.
I've mostly just been playing a lot of Black Ops and hitting the hand rail across the street from my house. Also been a few good days dropping some cliffs and shredding the park at the resorts.
I'm amazed at how well my rail skills on a wakeboard cross over to snowboarding. It's almost like they are the same thing. Kind of like water and snow: the same but different. I just wish we had features this sick in the water.
Tomorrow I'm off to Utah for a week to try and track down some wind. Wish me luck.

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