Friday, July 15, 2011

Triple S Invitational 2011

Triple S was sick this year, big ups to Real Watersports for throwin another awesome event. The music was bumpin every night and there were plenty of ladies geetin down. A winch was set up in the boat basin to ride when there was no wind that we shredded late into the night as the party started around us.

We got better wind conditions than last year allowing all of us to step up our game on the kite and the media department was on fire with daily updates. The park setup was the best yet with the addition of two new boxes, the Uf-Uf (up flat up flat) and the roof top (up down).

The party yacht was upgraded this year to a party complete with a flat rail and kickin sound system. So basically you would tack upwind to the top of the park, drop into a butter flat slick, hit all five features, stop at the barge and pound a beer while you get amped with some tunes, then do it all over again. Can't wait till next year.

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