Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Cali Coverage

Was in Cali for a few weeks last month helping Slingshot's West Coast Sales Rep, Brave Dave, with demos in the Bay Area. We hit up 3rd ave the first day but the wind was pretty light. We had riders out on 12's and 14's for a while before it died off completely. Then we headed out to Sherman for the weekend. The wind was better, riders were out on 10's and 12's and stoked on all the new boards. After the demos I stuck around Sherman and the Bay Area for a couple more weeks shooting with Jamy Donaldson. Unfortunately the kicker was MIA but the flat water behind the islands is always good for load and pop. Had some good sessions for sure, it was windy most of the time and I got a few shots including this shot that was just published in The Kiteboarder magazine.

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