Friday, October 21, 2011

Shots in Every NA Kite Mag this Month

This month was pretty good for me as far as mag coverage. Scored shots in Kiteboarding, The Kiteboarder, and SBC Kiteboard.

This shot of a Nuke Glide in The Kiteboarder Magazine was shot by Jamy Donaldson right in front of the launch at Sherman Island, CA. I was on the new Slingshot Turbine 17m so I was the only one out which made it easy to get a shot with no one in the background, which is a lot harder than it seems. I was so close to the beach that crashing the kite meant fishing it out of the bushes, but that is what it usually takes to get a good shot.

These two shots are from SBC Kiteboard.

The first one, a double page spread of a Switch 313, is an ad for the Dakine Renegade harness, shot at Kitebeach, Maui by Tracy Kraft. Tracy noticed that at low tide the green moss covered rocks at the mouth of the river were exposed and thought it would be good in the foreground of a shot. So we had to wait for the perfect day where the tide, wind, and lighting all lined up. In the background, on the rocks, you can see a pole with a wire that the Naish Team was using for tracking shots on the beach.

This Backside Tailslide was shot by Bryan Elkus in Hatteras, NC on the LTR Rooftop. Unfortunately, since Hurricane Irene took out the entire Real Slider Park last month, this will be the last shot of this feature. As usual Hatteras comes through with the epic sunset backdrop.

Finally the shot in Kiteboarding is a double page spread of a Front Mobe by Lance Koudele. I was in the Gorge riding in the 2012 Slingshot photo shoot with Greg Norman Jr. We were riding downwind of the Klickitat River mouth in a small slew that was only about a kite lines length wide, so there wasn't much room for error and we had to take turns going in and out. Afterwards I had some fun sending it over the bushes in the background until the rest of the team showed up and we set up the log jam that is featured on the cover of the mag.

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