Monday, December 12, 2011

My First Slingshot Ad

I've always wanted to be featured in a Slingshot ad. Finally after nine years of riding hard here it is. My man Lance Koudele and I synced up for this shot during the 2012 Slingshot Photo Shoot in the Hood River, OR. On this day there was no wind in Hood so we drove like 3 hours to a place called 3 Mile. The wind was light and fluky when we first went out so I took a 13m, but as the sun started going down the wind strength increased (still fluky as shit). Lance set up on the pier so I was able to jump pretty close to him and still have time to avoid the beach after landing (barely), but if the kite went down it would for sure be on the rocks. Shymac held this huge ass bulb flash that pretty much lit up like the sun whenever Lance pulled the trigger. I looked into it a few times and had to land in a haze while my pupils re-dilated. The hardest part was getting close enough to the flash while maintaining solid power in the kite since the shore line was disturbing the wind. Usually I wouldn't be very stoked with a Raley shot but the lighting and scenery in this shot is one of a kind, gonna be hard to top this one. Watch out for the video coming out from the whole Hood River Shoot, should drop sometime before New Years. Peace.

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